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Monday, 4 February 2008

Why I decided to blog

A number of people have been a bit surprised when I mention that I have started a blog. "Why?" they cry. "Welllll..." and so I thought I would write the answer here and then I can say "Ahhhh.... well you will have to read it to find out!"
It started because I came across a number of blogs and enjoyed reading them. I have also found them very helpful. (I read a lot about homemaking and looking after small children, so there are lots of tips and anecdotes) And I kept thinking...oooohhhh I could do this. It might be fun. I really enjoy writing and have a lot to say, so why not say it somewhere where it can be read, if you want to that is!
Then I came across a blog from some of our family who have moved to New Zealand. It has been great reading about them and what they are up to. That led me to thinking about all those people I don't see much (and would like to see more). I realised that this is really a perfect way of keeping in touch with what we are up to. Then they can read it when they have a chance and comment as the like.
It is of course also a chance for me to rant about my favourite subjects (cloth nappies and sanitary towels, the importance of staying at home with young children, pregnancy and birth etc)
So here it is ... my blog. Feel free to stick your oar in when you want.
I hope you enjoy reading it.


Nick said...

Hello, hubby here. Do I get to have an oar then? Oooh, sounds good. :)

Anonymous said...

Good on you! I've often wondered why people blog but I'm enjoying reading yours so carry on!

Oh yes, and I've never doubted that you're a great mother. Keep up the good work!