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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Another one of those quizzes

you know the quizzes that your friends email you, so you can get to know them better. Most people hate these...I love them! I got sent a good one so i thought I would share my answers here too....

1. If you could have any first name in the world, what would you choose:
Amy - it means beloved, so I am always reminded that I am loved.
2. If you could be any item of stationery which would you be:
a pad of squared paper.
3. If the world could only be one colour for the rest of eternity which would you pick:
blue... or maybe yellow
4. Starters and main course, or main course and desert:
Main course and desert
5. What song has inspired you most in your life so far:
Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof
6. Who was your fave teacher and why:
Can't remember her name but my English teacher... she truly loved her subject.
7. How would you spend a million pounds:
Buy a house with a bit of land round it. Have chickens and lots of children.
8. What is your favourite book:
Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham.
9. If you could swap lives with someone for a day who would you choose:
At the moment it would be Evelyn... I could really use the sleep.
10. What cartoon character do you most relate to:
Marlin from Finding Nemo
11. What was your favourite subject at school:
12. Which celebrity would you like to be stuck in a lift with:
If I'm allowed someone dead then, Jim Henson. If not then Judy Dench.
13. Which celebrity would you like to hit over the head with a wet fish:
Anyone who hasn't worked hard to get where they are... in other words anyone from Big Brother!
14. What is your favourite type of weather:
Spring Rain
15. Do you have a favourite month, and why:
May because it is my birthday and it is just getting warm, but not too hot.
16. Do you have a 'bolt hole' and where is it:
The book that I am reading at the time... I vanish into books.
17. If you were to bunk off work on Monday, where would you go:
To bed, then for a long walk through the country side followed by chips in a pub garden.
18. Who has been your favourite Prime Minister:
Not a clue
19. What do you love about yourself:
That I get very passionate about things
20. What is your favourite train station:
Swanage - the stream railway one... it is like being in the railway children.
21. Tell us one embarrassing fact about yourself:
I still sleep with a soft toy elephant.
22. What is your favourite smell:
The air after it has rained, baking and backstage in a theatre.
23. Do you have a favourite photo, and who is in it:
It is me and my dad (I was about 3). We are on a beach and I am sitting on his lap eating a ice cream. It had dripped all over him. My dad hates being sticky. but he is smiling at me. This is what love is.
24. What is the last film/TV programme that made you cry:
"Swallows and Amazons"
25. What do you most regularly order in starbucks/the coffee shop of your choice:
Smoothy and a huge slice of wheat-free cake...yum.
26. If you could dye your hair a wacky colour, which would you pick:
I have dyed it blue, maybe a very red red.
27. Are you happy:
28. What did you dream last night:
Not a clue
29. Who was your best friend at school:
Katherine, Denise and Jo.
30. What colour is your duvet cover:
the one on at the moment is a deep red.
31. What is your favourite pizza topping:
32. Do you have a favourite make of car and what is it:
Renault Espace
33. Tell us three words which describe you:
Creative, mummy, tired (I have just had a baby... so the last is available to change)
34. What is your favourite fruit:
Raspberries, eating whist picking others in my Granny's garden.
35. What world situation worries you/drives you to prayer/makes you cry:
The fact that my beloved England is turning it's back on God.
36. Are you tidy or messy:
Messy with a tidy person trying to get out.
37. How many pairs of shoes do you own:
Not sure, about 8.
38. Who is your hero/heroine:
Ellen MacArthur
39. Who did you last shout at:
Martha for not wanting to change out of the winter clothes she had just put in, dispite the fact that it is boiling and she is a very hot child.
40. What makes you happiest:
My children.

Friday, 29 August 2008

The Gas Man cometh...

"Was on a Friday morning (about 4am) the gas man came to call..."

The alarm woke me at 3am this morning in order for me to wake up Evelyn so she could feed. I took the opportunity of being awake to do a wee and that was when it happened... i smelt gas on our landing. This is not what you want at 3am. I got nick to smell it too. And then he went down stairs and checked down there. (nick has hay fever and so his sense of smell is not at it's strongest in summer) So i went down stairs too. There it was again. It seemed to be hoovering near our gas hob. All the little knobs were off so we were at a loss.

Having had it drummed into me that you never ignore a gas leak (and having a 4 week old baby who I didn't want breathing the stuff) we called the emergency gas leak people and they came round in 20 mins. By this time it was 4.12am. After used big sensor things the nice gas man couldn't find anything.

After some probing (and very loud banging on front doors) he discovered that it was coming from our neighbours house. They had accidentally left the hob on and the gas was seeping into our house. I felt a guilty about them being woken up by someone battering on their door. then I remembered they were smokers and praised God for keeping them (and us) safe.

We have not had the smoothest of relationships with our neighbours and at times I shout at God about them. But it struck me as i was trying to get back to sleep (for 1 1/2 hours before the alarm went off again) that although they can drive me mad God really loves them and cares about them. And is keeping them safe.

And that I need to see them through his eyes more often.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Quote of the day

"When my kids become unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out."
~Erma Bombeck

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Quote of the day

"Anyone who thinks objects are inanimate has never owned a toaster."

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Quote of the day

"If I wanted sarcasm I would talk to my children"
M in James bond, Golden Eye

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Facepainting saves the day

Yesterday was a bad, grim and dark day. The girls were grumpy and overly sensitive. I was shockingly tired. Even Evelyn decided that screaming was the way forward. It was raining out so we couldn't go outside and run off the grumpiness.
What saved our day was facepainting (suggested by Martha). It cheered us up a lot. Tilly wanted to be a duck, but it ended up just being lots of colours (she wouldn't pose for a photo). Martha wanted to a lion....

and we all know that lions go ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR!

We had a really quite nice afternoon after that.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Greater love has no girl....

This is Evelyn with Tilly's most beloved bear, Wilbur.

Quote of the day

"There are no bad days when you are going God's will. Some days are hard but there are no bad days."
A Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory

Monday, 18 August 2008

Sunday, 17 August 2008


As I now have 3 small children and not much time I thought I would post some of my favourite quotes to keep you all entertained until I get back some of the brain cells needed to blog properly! So here is the first:

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito"

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Who does Evelyn look like...

People look at Evelyn and always comment on who she looks like. So I thought I would put up a baby picture of all three girls and then you can have a good look and let me know what you think...

Martha Joanna

Matilda Annie

Evelyn Audrey

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Friday, 1 August 2008

Evelyn Audrey

Introducing our newest daughter

I thought I would fill everyone in about our newest daughter,,, Evelyn Audrey. She was born at 4.10am on 31 July 08 weighing 6lbs 6oz. (just so you know we are pronouncing Evelyn Ev-lyn (not Eve-lyn) apparently this is the Scottish way!) Pictures will follow!

I really wanted to share a bit about the birth and how wonderful and great God is and was during the whole thing. It will be a bit detailed so feel free to skip it and just praise God if you don't like birth details!!

We had planned a home birth. I had some worries about giving birth, but God had told me to trust Him. It was such a powerful message that went through me and I have clung to God and knew that his plan was perfect and He would give us the strength we needed.
My waters broke at 8pm Wednesday evening. Nothing seemed to be happening so we went to bed and prayed. We asked God that it would all kick off at 12, and Nick had a feeling the baby would be born around 4am. I woke up at 12.02 with big-ish contractions and all was going on ok until we discovered that there was maconium in the waters (basically the baby had pooed - which is a sign of distress and needs monitoring). So at 1.30am we bundled the girls off to my mothers and went into hospital. Labour was progressing nicely and contractions were getting stronger. I felt that God was in charge. I didn't feel at all disappointed that we were in hospital. I just knew that we were going where God was leading and had real peace (this is big thing when you are in full on labour!)

At 3am they examined me to see how far dilated I was and the midwife said that she could feel something in front of the head! she didn't think it was the cord (very bad) but she couldn't figure it out. So another midwife came in and thought it was a hand, She called the Registrar... he discovered the reason God wanted us to be in hospital... it was a foot and the baby was a footling breach (bottom first). Whilst this was going on I carried on getting stronger contractions and still feeling huge peace. At the hospital they don't do vaginal breach delivery (not sure why) so they decided to give me an emergency c-section. All was being prepared in theatre and they get me and Nick ready too. By this time I was having the urge to push and was being told NOT TOO! The only thing to stop me pushing was to pray in tongues (I think they must of thought I was mad, but it was the only way I could give it to God and He gave strength back to me). So we got to theatre and they gave me a spinal block so I couldn't feel anything from the waist down but would be awake. I remember that someone said how calm I was and I just replied that I believed on God. Of course it was ok He was in charge! They just got me lying down when they realised that the baby's feet were already out! So they decided to let her be born vaginally. I ended up with my legs (which I couldn't feel) in stirrups being told to push (which I couldn't feel) while they wiggled the baby out. After about a minute I asked what was going on and Nick said that all her body was out and then her head was out and Evelyn came to join the world.It was 4.10am, just when Nick had said it would be.
We then discovered that the registrar had never delivered a breach baby before. I was left with no tears or cuts and feel really great considering everything.

I cannot praise God enough. Would could have been a nightmare was a blessing. God was with us and gave us such peace and provided for us in miraculous ways. The icing on the cake was that our new car (which we have been waiting for 3 weeks for) was ready this morning. Just when we have started to need it.