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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Don't let her size fool you

Tilly is going to be 2 in March. For all of you whose maths is a bit shaky that makes her 1. She is doing really well in her speech. Brought about largely by great brain power! No, I am kidding, I think it is a lot to do with having a sister who talks to her in a simple way that is easy for her to copy. She uses a lot of two word sentences, sometimes three.

Yesterday, after breakfast, it was time to get Tilly dressed. She was padding around upstairs clad in her PJ's.
"Time to get dressed Tilly, time to put clothes on."
"No. Jarmas on. I don't ont (want) clothes."

We, at any rate, were speechless.


noel said...

She's 1.92 isn't she?

Amy said...

you are a pedant Noel!
but yes.