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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Swimming lessons

Martha is learning to swim. This is not elegant or graceful at the moment. Dolphins leaping majestically through the waves do not spring to mind. But it is very exciting.

There is a lovely chap in our church who is also a swim teacher. He runs crash swimming courses in half term holidays. So Martha has a half hour lesson every day. A lot of the lesson is singing songs, getting used to having a wet face and getting them moving round in the water. Technique comes later. There are only 5 children in her lesson, including her. So she gets lots of help and encouragement.

In two days she has come on incredibly. She has never swum without an adult holding onto her before, and on day one she was covered in floats and kicking around completely out of her depth. She also doesn't like getting a wet face in swimming pools. Well, today she had her face half in the water and was blowing bubbles! She is having a wonderful time, gaining huge amounts of confidence and sleeping like a baby!

What are Tilly and I doing during this? Well, mostly we sit on the side and cheer.
Tilly is slowing getting the hang of this. Yesterday (day one) she got her swimming costume out of the drawer in the morning, spent the whole time at the pool trying to take her clothes off and demanding "My turn, my swim". I think she has grasped it now that this is Martha's time. So instead of swimming in the water, she is swimming out of it. This is great fun to watch.

I am also really enjoying sitting in a warm, sunny room on a sun lounger. If you close your eyes it could be summer.

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