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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Something I want to remember

I am sure that all mothers of small children sometimes look at them and think... Help, you are going to grow up into a psycho! This is normally when you are standing outside a shop with your child screaming and hanging onto the door handle because you asked them to do something totally un-reasonable like getting onto the buggy board.

Then there are other moments. They are the ones when you know that everything will be alright. Your children will (hopefully) become nice and reasonable members of the human race.
This was one of those moments.

The girls had gone up stairs and I was cutting up broccoli for dinner. It had gone a bit quiet and so, as I have learnt this lesson, I went up to check. They were in my bedroom. I braced myself. Then I heard Martha talking quite quietly to Tilly. So I peered in.

They were lying snuggled under the duvet with Martha holding my book for them both to look at and she was telling her a story. It was loosely based on Cat in the Hat. But she was adding in new bits here and there when her memory failed her. It was such a beautiful moment. I crept away knowing that all will be well.


Lilla said...

Awww bless, that's so sweet! Apparently I used to read stories to William when I was little (I don't remember this but there are photos to prove it), perhaps storytelling runs in the Shaw genes...!

Uncle Barnaby said...

That's so lovely! Can't wait to see them again. x