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Friday, 8 February 2008

Why I choose to stay at home - part 2

A wise women once said (ok... it was written on some blog I read!) that if you want a child to sweep the floor at 14 then they have to sweep the floor at 2. This makes a lot of sense to me. It is about teaching and setting up good habits. My girls are at the age where they love helping. They love sweeping, doing the washing, cleaning the bathroom, cooking, washing up...the lot. And so that needs to be harnessed so that as they grow up they don't lose that enthusiasm. And for the times when it wanes it is so ingrained that they just get on with it. I am a great believer that as a family we all need to pull together to get things done, especially keeping the household running smoothly.

"Good point Amy. But when are you going to get onto staying at home?" Wellll.... I am really amazed at how much life has slowed down since having children. Walking with a toddler can be a painstaking, patience stretching venture. It once took 45 mins to do the 5 mins walk to the post box. Every last leaf, twig, stone, puddle had to be looked at. But do you know what, I had the time. So we did it. Martha's way. (Sometimes we do things Mummy's way but more on that another time!)

If I worked I would be busy. My time with my children would be limited. I simply wouldn't have the time to teach my children to sweep the floor, to clean a bathroom, to make homemade cake. I would try and rush through those things. "I need to get this done" would be my catch phrase. Instead I am blessed with time. Instead I can say: "let’s do it together nice and slowly. You try and I will be here to help" and then I can wait and help and let them do it in their own time. Because that is the way they will learn. There is nothing like chores and helping out for building confidence. There is so much to get right. It is great.

I am glad to stay at home and have the time to teach my children. Then when they go to homes of there own they will know what needs to be done and how. And it the mean time I will eventually get to put my feet up while they get me a cup of tea and do the washing up!

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