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Friday, 22 February 2008

Another lesson learnt

Martha was very tired the other evening. She had got to the point where everything was wrong and she couldn't do a thing about it. Apart from go to bed, which she didn’t want to do. So in her most 3 year old way she said to me:
"You're not my friend any more!"
"Well, you are always my friend, and I will always love you, Martha."

It didn't sink in to her then (although after a good nights sleep she declared me her friend again). But it struck me. How often so I say this to God. In all sorts of ways. In the use of my time. In my actions, the way I treat others. In the way I ignore Him until it is 4.30pm and the girls are driving me mad and I call upon the whole of heaven to "please help!"
The lesson I learnt is that, like me with Martha, God is always my friend. He will always be there waiting for me to come back to him. Waiting to listen, comfort, advise, correct and guide. All I need to do it stop and turn to him.

I am hoping to do this for the next few days. I am going away to a convent on retreat. (This is why you won't hear much from me till Monday). There I hope to sit on God's lap and gain insight and re-freshment, all ready for the next bit of life.

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