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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Praying with colour

These are the pictures that I did while I was at Turvey. They each go with a verse that struck me. I used that verse to pray and kept bringing it to mind when I was drawing. They were all drawn in a book which is why they have scanned in a bit wobbly in places. There is one missing that I haven't done yet. I will add it here but post about it above so you can have another look. I will write the phrase that they are based on before each one.
On desert Paths

Your sins are as scarlet

He welcomes sinners

I shall be waiting for you

The hour of favour has come

If only you knew

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Mother said...

Well there is one thing, Amy, that you will discover - even after 30 years (well nearly) your children will never cease to surprise and amaze you. Your pictures are full of insight, feeling and beautifully drawn. M xxx