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Monday, 18 February 2008

The apple hasn't fallen far.

I know that people will disagree but I have a theory that Martha looks like Nick but is like me. And Tilly looks like me but is like Nick. As demonstrated in the following story:

We had come in from somewhere and Martha had gone into the living room, taken her shoes off and dumped them. In our house shoes live on a nice rack by the front door. This way you know where they are and you don't spend your life tripping over small shoes.

“Martha can you put your shoes away please?"

Pause where the cogs in her brain whirr (I really could hear them!)

"Tilly, you put my shoes (a)way please?"
Tilly picks up the shoes and walks quite happily to the rack and put them away.

Stunned (and slightly impressed) silence from me!

I would like to add that I have, particularly since having the girls, worked very hard to overcome this ... ability, shall we say... of getting away with being lazy! But for Martha the slippery slope of turning into her mother has come early!


Lilla said...

Hehehe! I wonder how long Tilly will be so obliging for?! xx

Jo Wakia said...

brilliant! that really does sum you and Nick up perfectly! Bless the girls! x