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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Saturday's Pancake party

We had a great time last night at the Rowe's annual pancake party.(Thank you Rowe's for your hospitality) As it was over the girls dinner time I took along some tuna to counteract the huge quantities of sugar they would consume. (Nick made a pancake with curly whirly, chocolate orange, toffee sauce and I think marsh mallows in as well. It looked sooo sickly but he seemed to be very happy with it!)

Martha had a great time letting out her most boisterous side during a huge pillow fight with about 4 "big boys". It was great to just let her get on with it and know that she was a fair match for any of them! Tilly spent the time walking right through the middle of it all and coming out remarkably unhurt.
It was lovely to see Tilly gaining confidence. Normally in this situation she would stay by Nick's side (or mine if Daddy is no where to be found!) but she soon gained confidence and would wonder away to play and then come back to check we hadn't run off with out her.

When we got home Nick was taking of Tilly's shoes and made a remarkable discovery... she was wearing two right shoes. Luckily the owner of the second right shoe was willing to trade for a left shoe. Otherwise Tilly might have ended up walking in circles.

I am so pleased that we belong to a church where it is a community. We spend time together, enjoying each others company and of course plenty of pancakes with a bewildering number of toppings.

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Nick said...

I'd like to point out two things:
(1) You've missed some ingredients. The list was: Pancake, 2*chocolate orange segments, half a curly-whirly, some Nutella spread, hot toffee sauce, and a sprinkling of Thornton's belgian chocolate shavings; all rolled up and topped with chocolate sauce.


(2) I didn't put on any squirty cream, so I saved a good few calories there (although as Catherine pointed out, it was half-fat squirty cream, so I didn't save as many as I thought - d'oh!).