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Monday, 11 February 2008

What I have done when I wasn't blogging

I don't know whether it is the sunshine or the fact that I have hit my second trimester but I have energy once again. Hooray! (For those that don't know the placenta takes over sustaining the baby in the 2nd trimester - about 14 weeks - and so you have loads of energy. Well compared to being a sleeping blob! It is a great time before you get too big to move.)

I have been achieving queen this last week. But to put it into perspective you must bear in mind that I haven't done anything in weeks. Make that months really. I think that my children and husband probably thought I had become part of the sofa. So it is really quite a turn around. And do you know what? I feel a lot better for it. And I think my family like having clean clothes to wear and a tidy(ish) house to live in.

So here is my list, in the last week I have:

cleaned out the fridge,
re-arranged and cleared under the stairs,
hovered everywhere,
cleaned the bathroom and down stairs toilet,
re-arranged the bedroom,
cleared out my wardrobe,
am up to date with the ironing,
gone through the girls toys,
taken bags to the charity shop and thrown frightening amounts away.

Wow, it looks even better written out like that!

Now all I have to do is try and not go too mad and learn to pace myself again. I read a great book which said you just have to do a little each day. (I used to do this before I became pregnant and so very tired!) Clean the bathroom one day, tidy one shelf the next. It really works too. You end up achieving loads and not feeling so shattered that you need to lie down for the next day.

By the way, if this list makes you feel bad/under-achieving in anyway then you need to come and see my study. Just looking at it makes me need to lie down and rest!

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Mother said...

I believe that certain things are inherited from one's godmother. Martha inherited her curly hair from her Godmother and Amy has inherited from her Godmother the need to move furniture around at frequent intervals! M xxx