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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

An outing and a bit of an advert!

A few weeks ago we went on a family outing to Hatfield Forest. This is a really old forest that is preserved by using ancient coppacing techniques. This is great as it lets trees died naturally and be a home to millions of lovely insects. Here are some pictures of the day.

As you can see it was a cold day and not really picnic weather. But that didn't stop us! Luckily, there is a little place that sells tea and food, so Nick and I hugged cups of tea and tried to stay warm. The girls didn't seem to care, they were too busy pulling silly faces for the camera!

It was very muddy everywhere both of the girls delighted in being able to trap about in it. Tilly loved the squeechy noises.

Both the girls have the most amazing Waterproof dungerees. When you have small children you get used to strangers talking to you. It started when Martha was new-born, then went onto her fantastic curly hair, the fact that I use cloth nappies, and put Tilly in a sling. Now whenever someone comes up to me it is always about there trousers. Martha's (as you can see) are red and Tilly's yellow. They are made by Rukka in Finland by people who know about dressing for harsh weather. They aren't silly Mac material but proper waterproof, windproof, anything proof fabric. (If you go sailing then think of oilskins.) They go in the washing machine. Because they are dungerees you can by then huge and just keep making them bigger. They have straps to go over wellies to keep them pulled down. And they have revolutionised my life. Suddenly outside in winter is an option. Because you just bung them over what ever they are wearing and they stay warm and dry inside. I saw so many people at Hatfield forest (and elsewhere) spending their time telling their children to stay out of the mud, not roll around on the grass etc. and all they need is these trousers and the stress would be gone. Instead of ending up with a cross mummy because of very dirty clothes and a grumpy child who is wet and soggy, everyone is happy.

Advert over.

We had a great day. It was lots of fun and nice to just be together as a family.


Lilla said...

Do they come in adult sizes?! Could be useful! L X

Jo Wakia said...

fab! looks like the girls had loads of fun! yeah for rolling around in the mud and not getting damp. Can I come next time!?! (and can I have a copy of the photos?)