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Thursday, 21 February 2008

The flowers on my window sill

My husband is a lovely man and he loves me very much. He shows me this in many ways. He does not show me this by buying me flowers. I have come to terms with this and see his love in other things. But it does mean I am flowerless.... until now....

I realised that I can buy myself flowers now and then. It is strange that it has taken this long to realise this simple truth. Flowers bought for myself still count. They are still just as nice. They remind me that I am loved. By many people. I don't buy expensive ones (at the moment it is a small bunch of daffodils). I put them on my kitchen window sill. Our kitchen faces the wrong way and gets no sunlight so it can be a bit dreary. But now when I go in, or I am doing the washing up, there they are looking cheery and bright. A little bit of sunshine in my kitchen. They make me smile.

So if you don't have anyone to buy flowers for you. (Or someone who just doesn't show love that way). Don't despair. Go out and buy your own. Put them somewhere you see a lot. And every time you look at them, remember the God who made them and say "I am loved".

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