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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lessons that I hope won't retreat!

These are the main things I have learnt over my weekend away. They are in no particular order and I reserve the right to add to them at any time!

Quiet - There is really power in being quiet. It made me realise that so much of what we say isn't needed. There has to be balance of course, but I think that I need to think before speaking. This is particularly true when in "discussion" with Martha. I need to be quieter, not louder. There is real power in that.

Interruption - At Turvey they have 5 services a day. On top of that we had 5 meditation sessions over the weekend and meals etc. Every time you get into something you had to stop and go into a service or a group session or eat something. Sister J says the 5 services can be like a constant interruption. But that is why they are necessary. They bring you back to what is important. Why you are there.
I was walking in the garden on Saturday and said to God: I came here to get away from interruption and I am constantly being interrupted. God said: I know. It has to be like your life or you won't learn how to take the lesson back with you. I said: Damn! But, as ever, God was right. I have to find the moments to meet with him in my everyday life. If I am interrupted then that is fine. It is ok. God will be waiting for the next moment. And it reminded me that He is in all the moments. Whether I am focusing on him or not.

To be in both places - I felt a bit mean leaving Nick and the girls to go off by myself. On the Friday night in chapel I realised that I needed to be there, sitting with Jesus, in order to be able to do what he wants me to do in the rest of my life. In those moments (sometimes weekends) is when I get the strength I need to do the other things. And they are not selfish but vitally important.

Different ways of praying - We were encouraged to use colour in our prayers. You think of a piece of Scripture and draw with what ever colour comes to mind. This is a form of prayer that I have been doing for a while in various ways but have always felt is a bit silly. It was great having it put forward. It is a great way of letting the word sink into you. I drew various pictures over the weekend which will appear in another post (as long as they scan in ok!)
There are lots of different types of prayer. They all have a place and they are all good. Try them out. See what works. And remember that different things suit a certain season.

As you can see I brought a lot back with me. I hope that I will be able to carry some of this into my daily life. But I do know that it was not in vain and God really used this time. I hope to go back there soon (well once can leave the tummy tot!)

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