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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Just so you know...

We have got some friends coming to stay for a few days so I might not get a chance to post much. On the other hand they might provide me with lots of anecdotes! Just didn't want you to think I had vanished without trace or was trapped under something heavy.

Two things before I go to bed though:

One - The girls wanted to sleep in the same bed tonight. Martha had got Tilly’s bear (Wilbur) and had tucked them. It was so cute to see them all snuggled up, heads together on one pillow. I am really pleased that they like each other a lot. And pray like mad that it will continue all their lives.
Two- I want to make a very public thank you to my lovely husband who is at this very moment cleaning out the fish. This is a job that he doesn’t really like but he has done it faithfully for the last 2 years now. Thank you Nick. You are great.

Night night.

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