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Saturday, 9 February 2008

The joys of re-arranging

I am meant to be going to bed. I am quite tired and I will be grumpy tomorrow but I decided to have a quick blog first.
Tonight I am going to bed feeling very invigorated. And do you want to know why.... if you don't then turn off the computer now.... still with me.... lovely.

I love decorating. It is probably a good thing that we can't decorate because I would probably be doing it all the time. So instead I re-arrange. I look at Nick with a glint in my eye and say.... "Nickkkkkk..... Can we just move a few things around?" The normal reply is "Does it involve the piano or any bookcases?" If it does then we normally drag our friends round to help! If not then he normally says.... ok.... and we get to it.
My lovely husband and I rearranged our bedroom furniture today. It may seem mad but I love moving furniture. It is great. It makes it all feel new and exciting. All for free. Well nearly for free - I did have to go out and buy a bedside table. But then I got to do DIY, another favourite thing.

Go on try it.... move stuff around. See what the sofa looks like under that window. Have you ever thought about your bed not being in a corner but the middle, or vise versa? You will be surprised, suddenly you have a whole new house.

I am off now to enjoy a well deserved rest in my brand new bedroom. Good night.

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Lilla said...

Awww I do like rearranging things too, sadly there's no room to move anything around in my bedroom - if the bed went anywhere else I wouldn't be able to get in the door! So I opt for constantly rearranging the garden instead. ;o) Digging ponds is surprisingly therapeutic, my parents are so lucky that I have restrained myself and not turned the whole garden into a huge series of giant holes! I recommend it (though perhaps not if you're pregnant, it might make bending over into big holes a bit more tricky?). XXX