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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Should I be concerned or proud? - part 2

..... So I went into my bedroom and found my two lovely daughters had found my make up and were covered in it. They particularly liked my very expensive foundation. It was all over the bed, towels, faces, arms, legs... you name it.
I am really glad it was bath night last night!
At least I can laugh and chalk it up to experience (and make a mental note to check on them quickly if it all goes quiet!). Oh yes, and have a "chat" with Martha about asking before rummaging through my bed side table.
One more lesson learnt... and motherhood continues with me a little bit wiser!


Lilla said...

Hehehe the cheeky things! Sounds like they were having a great time!

jacqui said...

Re: Parent consultation - Martha horrid? You a bad mother? I was so touched I read just that little bit out to my colleagues at the staff meeting that evening to show them how worried mothers might be when they meet us to discuss their children. By the way, you are a GOOD mother and yes I agree with you that it's best to stay at home with them if at all possible that's our vocation! Those memories stay with us and are precious. Amy, we're so enjoying sharing your days it's the next best thing to being there. (Glad I wasn't there to clear up the mess in the bedroom though!) :) lol