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Friday, 15 February 2008

Have you got your bag of night lights?

Yesterday was a busy day. We had swimming in the morning and then we zoomed off to collect Granny (my mother) and then we went to Ikea.

My mother and I love Ikea. If it just had natural day light we might never leave. I think it is the element of nosiness. You get to see what other peoples houses might look like. I also love being able to try out everything. All the sofas, chairs, beds, you name it really.
There is the lovely cafe (including free tea/coffee if you are a member of Ikea family). We go to Wembley Ikea which has a great area in the cafe for children to play whilst you sit at a high breakfast bar round the edge and occasionally post food to them. It is much needed break before you head on to the market place.
Then there is the huge array of things you never knew you needed. The amount of lovely storage things, including plastic boxes - which my Mother and I adore. Totally bargains to be had. And of course no trip to Ikea would be complete without the largest bag of night lights in the world.

And there is a stress free element about taking the girls. They are allowed, even encouraged to touch everything. And my girls love touching things. They get it from me. I don't really feel I have seen something until I have touched it. They had tea parties. They jump on beds, with their shoes on. They opened every cupboard in the place. In one lovely moment I found Martha sitting in an armchair with wine glass next to her on a small table. I felt like we fast forwarded about 20 years!
Martha is now old enough to go into the children’s play area. So we get to go through the crockery section with out her. She gets to play in ball pool. So we all win.

I know there are people who will disagree (my poor friend has spent about 3 months of her life in Ikea trying to sort out buying a kitchen). I know that it is very cleverly designed so that you spend the maximum amount of money. It is the "oooo, it only costs £1.99. You can't go wrong." Oh, how all the little things can all add up if you aren't strong willed. But for me it is a treat. It feels like an exciting day out. You shop without really shopping.

Now, where shall I put these night lights? What I really need is a nice plastic box...


Lilla said...

I have a shocking confession - I've never been to Ikea! Clearly I have been missing out and shall have to remedy this one day soon!!! L X

Amy said...

Poor you. That is indeed something we shall have to remedy!

michie said...

Ikea - hmmmmm - love it, hate it, love it, hate it, love it? hate it? need i go on?