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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The moments

As you know I went on retreat a few weeks ago so I thought I would give you an update on how it has changed my life!!

I have tried, since I got back, to read a bit of the bible every day (I normally manage about a chapter). Then I have been doing what Sister J taught us and I take a verse that sticks out and think about it for a while and let it turn over in my mind. The length of time I get to do this really depends on the girls. some days it is just a few minutes but that doesn't matter because it is the next bit that is really important...
During the day I remember that verse. I am learning to find the moments of peace in my day. And in those moments I remember the verse and come back to God. I have discovered that even if they are 30 seconds long those moments are there. I just have to grasp them. It might be while I am making a cup of tea, walking to school, the girls are playing nicely together for a minute, I am on the toilet and not being helped! In a day there are lots of these pockets of time that we don't think about but they add up to a bit and they bring me back to God. To remembering who he is and that he is the one who sustains me.
These moments have brought me peace and strength and are just enough to see me through what life (or the girls) throw at me.

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