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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Two good things

Two good things have happened this week (well, more than two really but these are the two I am going to mention!)

Thing one:
i am 20 weeks pregnant today. Which means I am halfway. This is really exciting. Although it is still a while off I am nearer the end than the beginning. I am also feeling the baby move around and it is great to feel lots of little kicks and wriggles. And in a few weeks we will be able to feel the baby from the outside. I can't wait for the girls to feel the baby move. Although we might not get anything done. They already spend far too much time navel gazing (mine, not there own!)

Thing Two:
I have stopped looking fat and now look pregnant! This may not seem a big deal but anyone who has been pregnant will know what I mean. I have got over the "is she chubby/is she pregnant?" look and now have a lovely bump. It has done wonders for my confidence. I really didn't like the chubby look but now I am showing off my new curve at every opportunity!

So there you go. They may not be earth changing things but I am glad of them.

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