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Friday, 28 March 2008

One small step

I haven't written in a while as we are on Easter holidays and Martha is home from school. This means lots of nice outings and fun things... but not much blog time. I am hoping to let you all know what we've been up to soon. But I had a thought today.

Every mother ever (nothing like generalisations) has a thing that she is fixated about. I have a friend who thing is pushchairs that face you so your child can see you. Another who thinks formula is like poisoning your child, another who thinks breastfeeding is a bit weird. One who is obsessed with getting her children to bed on time. Quite a few with very passionate view about squash and amount of television that should be watched.

Today I realised mine.... I am obsessed with my children having correctly fitted shoes. I don't know why. But I truly believe that if they wear shoes that are the wrong size there feet (and therefore everything else) will go horribly wrong. Ok... that is a bit over the top... but not much. I never let my children to wear cast off shoes or secondhand, even each others. I can just see the soft bones in their tiny feet being molded into shapes they were never meant to be. What can I say... it is a sickness and I will try to conquer it eventually. If I don't manage it then at least when they are rebelling and staying out late or refusing to get off the sofa, or going off to university, or eloping, or doing dangerous sports they will be doing it it comfy, well fitted shoes that fit both the length and the width. And hopefully they will know that I love them!

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