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Friday, 7 March 2008

Twinkle, twinkle

In Martha's school they have a system of rewards. Every week one child from each class is "Star of the Week". This is because they have done particularly well at something or have worked hard at something. Well..... you have probably guessed it by now.....


She got to stand up in assembly and everyone clapped her! And it on the weekly newsletter so everyone will see that my little girl is a star. She was made star because she has been consistently sitting really nicely and listening really well. These are two things she finds hard so I am doubly proud of her.

Must dash, I have to email proud grandparents the news letter!

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jacqui said...

We were thrilled to receive the newsletter which Richard ran off for me, it was the first thing I read this morning! I told Nick this afternoon that it'd be lovely to come to see Martha at school one day. By the way I think on this occasion she must take after you Amy (Nick was a bit a fidget). xxxx