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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pondering on facing the way you are going

Today I saw the bible in action. I was walking Martha to school (not late for once!) and I was holding onto her with one hand and Tilly with the other. Tilly kept looking behind her. This meant I was dragging her to school. She couldn't keep up (even though we were not going fast). She nearly fell over more than once and it was just a struggle. Then it struck me that God tells us to press forwards towards the goal. We are told to not look at what is behind but look at what is in front. When we look at what is behind I see God trying to drag us along the path, He is doing His best but we just aren't facing the right way. We fall more easily and more often because we don't see the obvious things at our feet. It is a struggle to walk forwards whilst facing backwards. And it is an unnecessary struggle.

This week is Holy week and it is a time of looking back to Jesus' final week on this earth. His journey to the cross. But I think that God wants to to also use this time to look forward. To what Jesus' sacrifice means to us. How does it change our lives and the way we live them. How loved we really are. With these truths on board we need turn to face the right way, grasp God's hand and run with him. Or we might be late for the adventure He has for us.

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Lilla said...

Haha - did you ever find out what Tilly was looking at?! L X