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Monday, 17 March 2008

7 things

Nathan, who writes one of my favourite blogs, has recently done a post where he has told the world 7 little known things about himself. He then challenged others to the same. So I thought.... that seems like a good idea. So here is my list.

7 things you might not have known about me:

1) I would have been called Phoebe but my dad wanted something that was easier to spell. I never realised it before, but I too feel that names should be easily spelt. It is no fun to be 14 and still not able to spell your own name.

2) I can still touch my nose with my toes. And sit with my heals touching my bot and my knees touching my chest, without holding them there with my hands. (Go on try it!) Granted as Tummy tot takes over I won't be able to, but by mid august the skill will come back!

3) When I can't sleep at night I listen to children's story tapes. My favourite it "Wind in the Willows". It makes my brain stop whirling for long enough to go to sleep.

4) I learnt to play the piano for about 7 years and never took one single exam! I am still below grade 1 standard. I have admitted defeat! I have now married a superb piano player and he plays for me... lovely.

5) I have a overwhelming love for plastic boxes (and other boxes too, come to think of it). I get it from my mother. It is fortunately not a fatal addiction and I am in the stage of rehab where I can go into a shop and not buy yet another box. But it has been a struggle! :-)

6) If I has triple the amount of time and energy on top of being a full time mummy and home maker I would be a photographer and a theatre director. I love capturing things in pictures. Seeing beauty paused and saved. I also love the aliveness and directness that only happens in theatre. You really do create magic.

7) I broke my collarbone as a child. I was standing on a desk and my brother was throwing Velcro (there are over hooky fixes available!) darts at me. I fell off the desk. My mother did not believe me that anything was wrong (now I am mother I would probably react the same way "it isn't bleeding or visable hanging off so you are probably fine!") and only found out when, a few weeks later, took me to the doctors for something totally different!

So there you go... you know a little more about me than you did 10 minutes ago.

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Jo Wakia said...

plastic box obsession - me too, also from my mum (Tupperware dealer...unavaiodable). And it's totally a female thing. Men I have discivered do not understand the need for plastic boxes, I might design a suvery to disover how many husbands don't bother to wash up the margerine tub even if their wives have put it next to the sink, how many don't bring home the plastic boxes their wives fill with yummy things for the office, and if all husbands are incapable of putting away plastic boxes in the right place once they are dry...or is that just me? xxxx