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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Tilly's birthday - part 1

Today is Tilly's 2nd birthday. We have had a lovely day and more importantly Tillys has had a lovely day.
This is first thing in the morning. We always open presents on our bed. We gave Tilly an iron and ironing board. she has been ironing all the washing, including my socks! Mammar and Grandad gave Tilly lots of play balls to go in the paddling pool.
They all went in our bed before they reached the paddling pool.
This is a bit blurred but had to show Tilly ironing on our bed!
These are for those who don't believe that Tilly looks like me...
This is me on my 2nd birthday.


jacqui said...

Lilla & I've just been looking at all those lovely photos must have taken ages to do that!? We were astonished at the photos of you and Tilly at the same age, indistinguishable from each other! I expect you'll be finding pink play balls all over the house now ... Happy days to all of you

Jacqui said...

I surpassing myself in comments I think. Looking again at the photos it's so nice to see Tilly actually opening her presents. Thank you! X

Lilla said...

Hehe those are beautiful photos and yep I agree you and Tilly look identical! (I thought it was a photo of Tilly until I read what you'd written by it!) I want to try and go through old family photos soon so if I find any amusing ones of Nick will be sure to pass them on to you hehehe! L X

Glad Tilly had a lovely birthday - she's looking so grown up! :o)