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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Story - We are the ones who slept

Based on Mark 14 v.33-43

If we had know what was about to happen we would have stayed awake.
We would have prayed and watched, comforted and consoled.
But we didn’t understand that that night was to be our last with him amongst us.
Often he had gone to be alone, to be with God, with his thoughts. We didn’t think that this time was any different. He was often full of sorrow.
We can hear his words and see him in the distance, a crumpled figure of a man, looking very alone.. But it is late and sleep crept up on us. Slid over us. The night was warm, like a blanket around us, soothing us. It was so hard to keep our eyes open when the lids were so heavy, dragging us into inevitable, blissful slumber.
It could all wait till tomorrow.
He would explain his sadness tomorrow.
He would give us more strength.

His voice coming ringing through the darkness-
“Are you sleeping?”
It was not angry, just filled with desperation. We tried to answer but he went again.
“Pray that you don’t fall into temptation.”
“Watch with me.”

If we had known we would have watched, we would have prayed. We let him down at the very time he most needed us. The only time he really needed us.
And we failed.
We were the ones who slept. Tumbling down again. The night folding round us again. If we had heard we would not have slept but would have fixed our eyes on him, not taking them off for a single minute. We would have memorised every detail.
In sleep the night moved through till dawn.
“Arise, the hour has come. Here comes my betrayer.”
We had reached the end of a road.
Judas came walking towards us.
We had reached the end of a road and missed the final step.

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