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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tummy tot at 19 weeks

Today was the day of tummy tots anomoly scan. This is where they have a really good look at the babyfrom head to toes and check that everything is where it should be and doing what it should be doing. They also do some measurements so check that the baby is growing well. It all went really well and everything is just as it should be. The lady doing the scan was fantastic and told us what she was looing at and what bits were where. It was fastinating and amazing and just really lovely to see this little baby kicking and waving and grabbing her/his toes. At this scan you can also find out the sex (if the baby is in the right place!). But we choose not to. There are too few surprises in life so we (and you) will have to wait another 20 weeks to find that out!

This is the not so good picture. Tummy tot was in a really bad position for photos, all curled up and cosy! The blobs are head on the left (with little hand above) and then body to the right and the end blob (just above the body is a leg. S/he is facing away from you.

This one is a lot better. Head to the right, spine going down to the left and then a bit of leg at the bottom.
If you want to "ooooo" over how much s/he has grown this is the link to the 16 week scan.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy! How exciting!!!

McAmy xx

Jo Wakia said...

Yeah for your tummy tot doing so well! And yeah for you for helping him/her along! So exciting! And I'm so loving your blog, never really understood why people write blogs before (or who reads them), but this is great! Hoorah for you! x