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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Potty training - what they forgot to tell you

I have now potty trained two children and read a lot of books about it all. In each they do a lovely list of what you need (potty, lots of pants etc). Well here are some of the things they left out:

1) An older sibling. They should be going through a helpful phase at the time. An older sibling not only shows the younger the ins and outs of it all but can be a one person cheer leading squad. Tilly always wants to show her "results" to Martha who then shouts "hooray"! older siblings are also useful if you are busy up a ladder or something. They are more than able to find a potty and help with pulling down pants.

2) A different potty to the one that belongs to the older sibling. Just trust me that the £5 spent is worth it when you think of all the arguments you don't end up having.

3) Flushable anti-bacterial toilet wipes. This are great for a quick clean of the potty. I tend to do this after poo or once a day. In our house it is important to have a clean potty as they are also used to put stuff in!

4) Plant a tree. You get through lots of toilet roll. Not just on wiping that extra bottom but also wiping out the last dribble from the potty.

5) Save some water. Take a shower, turn a tap off, wash with a full load, let your grass thirst for a bit. The reason for this is that you will flush the toilet more than you ever thought possible. A small person has a small bladder. A small bladder fills quickly and needs emptying a lot. And you will be plying them with them with drinks so they get the hang of the thing quicker. All this means a lots of flushes. Best to balance it some how!

6) This one is the most important and follows on nicely from the above... HAND CREAM! I am not talking about the stuff that smells nice and does nothing. I am talking hardcore stuff. All this poo and wee means a lots of hand washing. Because you will wash yours and your child's EVERY TIME! (Getting them in good habits and all that.) Believe me when I say that your hands will suffer. And this isn't even taking into consideration that you will be also cleaning wee off the carpet and your hands get the brunt of it there too. So buy yourself a potty training treat. Some really good hand cream.

So there you go. I hope that helps some people who might embark on this most daunting of phases. Just think in a few weeks you will have a child in pants, looking at your still silky hands and thank me! :-)

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amy smith said...

very, very funny. you might want to add to your list, that the entire list changes when it is a boy you are talking about!