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Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Just thought I would add that I do not usually leave scissors around for my children to cut each others hair with! We had been cutting hair over the weekend, so the scissors were tucked away by the computer, to be put away in a minute. The girls had been sitting watching TV on the computer to distract them whilst I cut. I totally neglected to put them away (another lesson learnt!). In Martha's defense she is really good with sharp objects and knows you don't play with scissors and knives etc. She genuinely thought... "Mummy cuts hair, I'll cut hair. Won't that be nice!" I think my shock and horror at what she had done has shown her that you don't cut hair!!
The scissors are now so out of reach that even I might need to stand on something to get them.
This is a before picture of Tilly's lovely hair...

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jacqui said...

Aah! April Fool? No I think these photos are genuine...
Her new hairstyle make her eyes look even bigger than ever! Brings out her natural beauty!
NB I often see unusual haircuts at playgroup, it's usually the fringe or top that goes!
Mother's obsessions - we didn't allow Nick any sugar for a long time until peer pressure and siblings wore us down.... at least he had a healthy start! Moderation is the key.
Hope you enjoyed the hols.
Jacqui xxxxx