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Thursday, 10 April 2008

An angel in Tesco's

I met an angel yesterday. She wasn't dressed in white and she didn't have tinsel round her head or glow or have wings (that I could see anyway!). but to me she was an angel sent straight from heaven to help a distressed tired, pregnant mother.

My children eat at 5pm. It was 4 pm. The gas men had just declared my hob to be illegally connected to the gas mains and so they took my kitchen apart to change the pipe to the copper it should have been. It would take 2 hours. Hopefully. So I decided, using my motherly ability to change plans quickly, to take the girls to Tesco's and to give them dinner in the cafe and then buy the bits we needed (bananas and batteries). Well... dinner went fine, jacket potato was consumed and so we embarked on our shopping. All was ok for about 2 mins. Then Martha decided that she had had enough. She started screaming that SHE DON'T WANT TO WALK. I had Tilly, a pushchair and a basket of shopping. I ignored her, as the manuals tell you too. And I ignored the stares of other people who thought Martha was older than her 3 years and thought me a terrible mother. I pushed the pushchair along the aisles with Martha dragging along the floor. The howls increased so we stopped and waited. She got louder. I asked if she wanted to sit in the pushchair. "NO, YOU CARRY ME". This is a child who fits 5-6 year old clothes telling her shattered 5 months pregnant mother with another child, pushchair and shopping that she needs to be carried. The screams got louder.... and then the angel appeared.

This angel was about 60, neatly dressed with a small trolley of shopping. She had kind eyes. She asked if she could help. She suggested things, knowing that the ability to think had totally left me. "how much more shopping did I need?" "Can she get it for me?" etc.. In the end she put Martha in her trolley. (Martha knows that you obey angels, even if you don't obey mothers!) walked beside me whilst I finished my shopping and took me to the till. Waited while I put everything up on the conveyor belt and then, after I had thanked her a lot, vanished. I am sure if I had looked for her she wouldn't have been there. Whisked off onto another angel task.

She really did save me. I cried on the way home out of sheer relief and gratitude for her kindness and help. She might not know it but she was an angel, sent to help me when I needed it most.


Lilla said...

Awww that brought tears to my eyes!


jacqui said...

That brought tears to my eyes too! Was about to reply last night when I got an urgent call I had to respond to. Its ok but lots of things happened at once. It just shows how a seemingly impossible situation can be turned around by a loving action. Nothing is impossible to God! xxx

jacqui said...

Just to clarify my previous comment, I was referring to your situation not mine. Though my urgent call was part of another example of love in action. xxx