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Saturday, 12 April 2008


I think that the best thing about being a parent is the surprises. The unexpected hugs and I love you's. The mad things they say and do that make your hear melt.
I think that the worst thing about parenting is the surprises. When you come in from hanging out washing and your child is shorn. You see your child about to fall down the stairs and know there is nothing you can do about it. When they throw up all over you!

In the last few days we have had good surprises:
Martha suddenly and with out warning got the hang of riding her bicyle. She still has stablisers but she can move forward and steer without help. Last time she went on her bike she needed guiding and a pushing. So this is great and fantastic and brilliant.

Also both girls have come on in leaps and bound when it comes to drawing.

Martha's picture of a happy face and a sad face.

Tilly's picture of a happy face.

I am always amazed with children that they suddenly "get" things. One day they are sticking the spoon their ear and the next it clicks into place and they feed themsleves streak and chips with no problems. I know that this isn't always the case and sometimes things need to be learnt slowly and patiently. That is why when thing do just click it is such a blessing. God knew what he was doing.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! And what clever girls they are. We are really looking forward to getting back for some hugs as long as they still recognise us!
Lots of love to you all.
Mother xxx

jacqui said...

You know my amazement at the pictures. Still amazed!
Hugs - I enjoy these surprises at playgroup. When a child spontaneously hugs you and says "I love you" it makes feel all lovely inside and wonder what you did to deserve it. Usually nothing except just being there - what a privilege! They are so trusting with unconditional love, a lesson for us all! xxx