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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blessing my husband

I have decided to bless my husband this week. (I try and do this all the time, not just this week!) Instead of doing something for him, I am going to not do something at him.... don't worry, all will become clear.

My lovely husband wears shirts to work. Every evening he takes it off and put it in the dirty clothes basket. All good so far. BUT because of the way he takes them off they are always inside out. Now I know that all the best marriage books say you should never say "never" and "always" in a fight. But I do the washing... I know! So when they come out of the washing machine I have to put my hand into the damp sleeve and pull it through. For some reason this drives me mad. I don't know why and I know it is irrational and stupid. But isn't that the case. It isn't the big things but the little ones that drive us mad. I have tried to get him to turn them the right way round but to no avail.

"Where does the blessing bit come in?" I hear you cry. "So far you have just moaned." Well, I have know something for a long time:

If you can't change... re-arrange!

I do this all the time with furniture! But it works here to. I can't change the way Nick takes off his shirts (I have tried and after nearly 5 years I give up!) and so something needs to be re-arranged. In this case..... ME! My attitude is going to be re-arranged. Instead of grumbling I am going to remember, with every sleeve, the work my husband does whilst in those shirts. I pledge that from today on I will turn his shirts the right way round with a smile and a thankful heart for my husband. Then each shirt will come with a blessing attached for him to take with him.

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Jennifer said...

I so love your attitude. I agree, my DH has issues too, Well I have them should I say. Thank you for allowing God to speak through to me today.