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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It is amazing what God thinks of

I love God. Some people see him as this floaty thing in the sky who bobs in and out of our lives, wafting around a bit. I don't see that. I think that he is so practical. So down to earth. He knows us so well and is willing to help us so much. If only we will let him. I heard someone say in a sermon for everyone to turn to Leviticus in their bibles. He followed this by saying ... "look at the edge of the pages and find the clean bit!" It is true. We kind of brush over all those laws and rules and regulations. And part of that is that we have forgotten that God has told us what to do and the best way to live. Not just the big moral things but the way to avoid mildew too.
I came across one of these yesterday. It is in Exodus and talks about building an altar. This is a paraphrase...
"Don't build your altar up some steps".... WHY? WHAT? Does it really matter? wait for it....
"because some one might see up your robe and see your nakedness!"
Well, if that isn't a practical God, I don't know what is. SO next time you are struggling with practical things remember that God knows all the answers and see what he has to say... Even if it is "Make sure you can't see your pants!"

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Joanna said...

LOL, that's a good one. I agree, he's very practical and he's got a great sense of humor. Sometimes I wish he'd get into writing letters and sending them through the post office though.