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Sunday, 1 June 2008

A moan and some blessings

I realise that once again it has been a while since I blogged. The reason for this is simple.. I have been far too moany! And in truth I really didn't just want to sit here and whine. There have been some good reasons for this glumness: My Grandpa dying, my tummy getting bigger and really getting in the way, having to have an extra growth scan as they were concerned the baby wasn't growing well (it was as perfect as it could be!), noisy neighbours, discovering yet more stretch marks on my tummy, Martha being... er... challenging, Tilly waking up at 5am every morning.
So you see there is a lot to moan about. But I didn't really want to share the glumness. And I wanted to think of funny ways to moan but it just didn't work out... hence the blogging silence.
I have been thinking about this and feeling a bit bad because I really have a lot to be so thankful for. I really can see God at my side in all this and that is the bit that I should be sharing.

So I thought I would try and find 10 things/ways that God has blessed me. Hopefully this will jolt me out of the gloom and back into cheer...

1) God has been making his plans for our housing really clear. One step at a time.
2) Martha loves the baby in my tummy and loves kissing my tummy and watching it wriggle.
3) God has given me such a lovely, supportive husband.
4) During my Grandpa's funeral I felt so surrounded by prayer and love and God. It was amazing.
5) I get to see one of my best friends on Tuesday (she lives in Africa, so it is a big deal to see her)
6) ...and I get to see Hairspray!
7) Tilly's smile.
8) I have a very healthy, lively baby growing inside me.
9) I have Ben and Jerry's ice cream in the freezer (Phish food - for whose who are interested!)
10) I am truly loved.

Not a bad list really. And do you know what? That list really didn't take long at all to do. I really am blessed. It all depends which way you look at it.

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