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Saturday, 22 November 2008

What is left.

There is a lovely lady at our church who has Alzheimer's. She has very little memory left, and frequently doesn't who where she is. She also can no longer remember who people are, including her family. Do you know the thing she can remember? That Jesus loves her. That God is good. That she will be going to heaven. And although she is sometimes confused she is also full of joys and smiles. And I am humbled and amazed by the grace of God. I know that this is not true of all people with Alzheimer's. Some people suffer a lot. But for this lady who has lost so much to this horrid disease the fact that God is good and loves her remains. And is shines out of her.

I have a totally unproved theory that in heaven God keeps our memories safe. All those things we forget. The way our children looked the first time we saw them, our own first glimpses of the world. They are all kept safe for us. And I look forward to seeing this lovely lady again. She will be with the Lord she loves so much, she will have the same joy and she will be restored.

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