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Friday, 7 November 2008

A name change

Today I want to change my name. Not the Amy bit... the "mummy" bit! Then I won't have to answer the 1000's of questions (most of which are repeats of previous questions) I won't have to cope with the whining, the demands. I won't have to break up the arguments. Today it would be nice if someone else was the mummy. They could hold the crying baby, who then continues to cry. They could cook meals that children won't eat. They can listen to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on repeat in the car.

But then they would be cuddled and kissed goodnight. They would get to kiss the ows better. It would be them who are begged to sit and watch TV, to play jigsaws, to read stories, to draw (very bad) pictures. They would be the ones to hear the "love you"s.

Maybe I will be the mummy after all.....


Liz said...

I love your blog Amy. I love how real you are. I have left my baby with my mum tonight. I miss him but it's ok. (See my blog for justification!) The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang thing... is it the Michael Ball version? If so, how could you get fed up of that? Hushabye Mountain... so lovely!

Amy said...

It is the lovely Michael Ball singing but... they ONLY want Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song and that over and over is ...repetative! Then it starts the endless questions about the Child catcher...they won't watch the film as they think it it is scary but want to know exactly what happens! No one told me this about being a mum!