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Friday, 29 August 2008

The Gas Man cometh...

"Was on a Friday morning (about 4am) the gas man came to call..."

The alarm woke me at 3am this morning in order for me to wake up Evelyn so she could feed. I took the opportunity of being awake to do a wee and that was when it happened... i smelt gas on our landing. This is not what you want at 3am. I got nick to smell it too. And then he went down stairs and checked down there. (nick has hay fever and so his sense of smell is not at it's strongest in summer) So i went down stairs too. There it was again. It seemed to be hoovering near our gas hob. All the little knobs were off so we were at a loss.

Having had it drummed into me that you never ignore a gas leak (and having a 4 week old baby who I didn't want breathing the stuff) we called the emergency gas leak people and they came round in 20 mins. By this time it was 4.12am. After used big sensor things the nice gas man couldn't find anything.

After some probing (and very loud banging on front doors) he discovered that it was coming from our neighbours house. They had accidentally left the hob on and the gas was seeping into our house. I felt a guilty about them being woken up by someone battering on their door. then I remembered they were smokers and praised God for keeping them (and us) safe.

We have not had the smoothest of relationships with our neighbours and at times I shout at God about them. But it struck me as i was trying to get back to sleep (for 1 1/2 hours before the alarm went off again) that although they can drive me mad God really loves them and cares about them. And is keeping them safe.

And that I need to see them through his eyes more often.

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