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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Another one of those quizzes

you know the quizzes that your friends email you, so you can get to know them better. Most people hate these...I love them! I got sent a good one so i thought I would share my answers here too....

1. If you could have any first name in the world, what would you choose:
Amy - it means beloved, so I am always reminded that I am loved.
2. If you could be any item of stationery which would you be:
a pad of squared paper.
3. If the world could only be one colour for the rest of eternity which would you pick:
blue... or maybe yellow
4. Starters and main course, or main course and desert:
Main course and desert
5. What song has inspired you most in your life so far:
Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof
6. Who was your fave teacher and why:
Can't remember her name but my English teacher... she truly loved her subject.
7. How would you spend a million pounds:
Buy a house with a bit of land round it. Have chickens and lots of children.
8. What is your favourite book:
Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham.
9. If you could swap lives with someone for a day who would you choose:
At the moment it would be Evelyn... I could really use the sleep.
10. What cartoon character do you most relate to:
Marlin from Finding Nemo
11. What was your favourite subject at school:
12. Which celebrity would you like to be stuck in a lift with:
If I'm allowed someone dead then, Jim Henson. If not then Judy Dench.
13. Which celebrity would you like to hit over the head with a wet fish:
Anyone who hasn't worked hard to get where they are... in other words anyone from Big Brother!
14. What is your favourite type of weather:
Spring Rain
15. Do you have a favourite month, and why:
May because it is my birthday and it is just getting warm, but not too hot.
16. Do you have a 'bolt hole' and where is it:
The book that I am reading at the time... I vanish into books.
17. If you were to bunk off work on Monday, where would you go:
To bed, then for a long walk through the country side followed by chips in a pub garden.
18. Who has been your favourite Prime Minister:
Not a clue
19. What do you love about yourself:
That I get very passionate about things
20. What is your favourite train station:
Swanage - the stream railway one... it is like being in the railway children.
21. Tell us one embarrassing fact about yourself:
I still sleep with a soft toy elephant.
22. What is your favourite smell:
The air after it has rained, baking and backstage in a theatre.
23. Do you have a favourite photo, and who is in it:
It is me and my dad (I was about 3). We are on a beach and I am sitting on his lap eating a ice cream. It had dripped all over him. My dad hates being sticky. but he is smiling at me. This is what love is.
24. What is the last film/TV programme that made you cry:
"Swallows and Amazons"
25. What do you most regularly order in starbucks/the coffee shop of your choice:
Smoothy and a huge slice of wheat-free cake...yum.
26. If you could dye your hair a wacky colour, which would you pick:
I have dyed it blue, maybe a very red red.
27. Are you happy:
28. What did you dream last night:
Not a clue
29. Who was your best friend at school:
Katherine, Denise and Jo.
30. What colour is your duvet cover:
the one on at the moment is a deep red.
31. What is your favourite pizza topping:
32. Do you have a favourite make of car and what is it:
Renault Espace
33. Tell us three words which describe you:
Creative, mummy, tired (I have just had a baby... so the last is available to change)
34. What is your favourite fruit:
Raspberries, eating whist picking others in my Granny's garden.
35. What world situation worries you/drives you to prayer/makes you cry:
The fact that my beloved England is turning it's back on God.
36. Are you tidy or messy:
Messy with a tidy person trying to get out.
37. How many pairs of shoes do you own:
Not sure, about 8.
38. Who is your hero/heroine:
Ellen MacArthur
39. Who did you last shout at:
Martha for not wanting to change out of the winter clothes she had just put in, dispite the fact that it is boiling and she is a very hot child.
40. What makes you happiest:
My children.

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noel said...

You sleep with a soft toy elephant? Does Nick know you call him that on your blog?