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Thursday, 8 May 2008


Sun is a funny old thing. Here in soggy England we seem to all go a bit mad the second the slightest gleam shows from behind a cloud. Grown ups everywhere are smiling away and sunbathing (even though we know it is bad for us). All the plants have gone mad and I have never seen so many daises before. There is a big old tree I can see from the computer room window that has been looking ...well... dead for the last 6 months and all of a sudden it has a green shimmer to it. I give it about 3 more days and it will transformed into abundant life.

It isn't just nature that has woken up. So have my children. I have come to the conclusion they are solar powered. They are eating less, sleeping less (they would wake up with dawn if not for 3 sets of curtains!) but they have more energy than ever before. They literally run all day until they collapse into bed. It is a joy to see them so full of life. It is hard to keep up, especially with my expanding waist line. But I do love seeing them out there, enjoying the world that God has given us. They aren't complicated they just want to be part of it all. Whether that is watching a spider, picking flowers, playing on a slide, having picnics. The joy for them is just enjoying it for today. They don't worry about the rain that might fall tomorrow. It is sunny today, so let's go outside and play.

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Lilla said...

Awww glad they're enjoying the sunshine! I think I must be solar powered too as I've also been waking earlier, eating less, etc etc (but perhaps not the having lots more energy bit which is a shame!) - woke up at 5am this morning as the sun was coming up and I had to tell my body it had to go back to bed! L X