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Saturday, 3 May 2008

How the years fly by

Today is my 30th birthday. WOOHOO! There is a big thing about turning 30 but so far I have survived. I think the fact that I am soon to be mother of number 3 is over shadowing it! But I thought I ought to mark the occasion anyway. So here are some photos of me over the years...

Me as a baby. My legs are in plaster because I had bad clicky hips.

Me in the sink having a wash. Note the tan lines that you would never have on a small child now!

Me (3) posing in my favourite shorts. They were cut off all ragged to make me look shipwrecked!

Me (4) and my brother in the good old days when it used to snow.

My first school day.

Me (8/9) and my first ever new bike.

Me (10) with a very fashionable german haircut.

me (15) as a teenager. I stopped having photos taken around this time!

Me (16/17) breaking the rules!Me (18) in a play of Les Liaison Dangerous

Me (19), on the right, all dressed up. I made the dress on the left.
Graduation (21)
Me (25) getting ready for my wedding.

Me and Nick, just married

Me (26) holding Martha (15 mins old)

Me (27) and Martha on a steam train

Me (27) a week before Tilly was born.

Me (29) with facepainting done by my girls!

Me (30) today. The badge says "Birthday girl".


Lilla said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Weren't you sweet! (And you still are of course!) Hope you had a lovely day yesterday - was going to text you but I realised I don't think I have your number?! Happy birthday anyway!

Wow were you really my age when you had Tilly? I am starting to feel left behind...!


jacqui said...

I left a comment yesterday but must have done something wrong as it isn't here!
Now, what did I say? Ah yes, thank you for sorting out all those photos - enjoyed looking at them. Re. Tilly. Her Daddy used to do that, running around outside if I wasn't quick enough to stop him - but he grew out of it (I think). And Lilla too, embarrassed me at the swimming pool at Nick's school gala! LOL XXX